Personally, this piece is among my favorite of the ‘rubber’ paintings. And, I am sure that I will use it as a cover for a future music release. If you would have asked me ten years ago if I would have any opinion about an abstract work you would have faced a very different person. And this, for me means everything. I changed.

You see, it is when we go outside of ourselves to experience new things (sometimes without us wanting them), it allows us perspective. This perspective sets us free. It puts us into a heightened state of consciousness. We hear things differently. We feel new things. The world around us is experienced on a whole new set of levels.

I felt that way as I worked on this piece, and I feel it every time I look at it. I have no idea what to make of myself at the moment, but I can tell you one thing: I am free to think as I please. And to that end I can shout it out to the world.

But then why call it Caged Birds? I will leave that one up to you.