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The Stopping of Clocks

Whatever you think you know? It’s probable in thought.

Life Challenges II

Flexseal on Board. // 1ETH

Life Changes I

I have a rather old painting I did back in 1988 entitled, “The Pains of Life”, from which the central figure comes from. This piece, so far part…


This piece is once again a mix of the old and the new. An old drawing from the early 1990s is added to a construct of 2019. This…

The Illusions of Time

This became an album cover almost as soon as I was done with it. You can own a piece of it for…

Number 7.4.2019

This is one of the first “Realized” works that I created using flexseal. I used the medium to create everything in this work. I started out by creating…

Caged Birds

Personally, this piece is among my favorite of the ‘rubber’ paintings. And, I am sure that I will use it as a cover for a future music release….