This piece is once again a mix of the old and the new. An old drawing from the early 1990s is added to a construct of 2019. This new structure somehow completes what the earlier work could not, if that makes sense to you.

I think this idea of blending and collaging as my main form of print-making began in 1990 when I decided that old news articles make for great backgrounds for pastels. Later I expanded this into torn pages from books, and when the computer entered the picture, I began to incorporate digital art into the finished pieces.

It is this recombination of objects that fascinates me. Somehow in the sifting and compiling, a journey begins that somehow I cannot undertake with a drawing alone. Sometimes it requires more of me. Sometimes I need more from the work itself. It is a lonesome process because I feel that I alone understand why I need to do this at all. Such is work.