The title here is more about the recording of memories, rather than memory itself. So don’t try to find meaning in the title. Sometimes I actually loathe giving the works a name. I sometimes feel I should give them proper names, such as Eduardo Costantini, but then people would want to know who that is or something. And how many Untitled works can you make? It’s absurd.

This piece is where the first bits of different mediums enter the picture. By nature, I work in multimedia, so it will seem natural for those who know my work that I would gravitate to an un-explored medium such as Flexseal and work it into my works. Nothing is ever left out. But my experiment here was to thin out the rubber with chemicals (almost resulted in a tragic failure) and to mix pencils with it.

Pencils do not work well with the rubber, but as a result, I discovered paint-sticks and other forms of making marks. Then, this led to a whole new form of experimentation. And with that came visions of grander works. Large works coming back into my periphery is a blessing to me. I’ve almost forgotten what canvas fells like. and in fact, I don’t since I’ve not done a monoprint with the rubber on it yet. But I will.