This image is the result of my first successful attempt at creating a rubber printing plate using Flexseal, a liquid rubber medium I have been exploring for about 5 months now. So I guess this is “flexseal art?” Hmm. No. It’s just art.

This work represents hours of trial and error with the medium, as its usage in this area has never been talked about, nor are there any explanations or suggestions in using Flexseal to make monoprints. I was very much left to my own experimental devices with this one.

The importance of this image to me is not really the idea of being the first artist to use Flexseal as a rubber printing plate, medium or substrate. I don’t deny this as being exciting, it’s just that the experiment yielded so many ways for me to explore a new world.

In this case, I used the material to create a rubber printing plate, and from that plate made the image using the material itself (light use), adding ink, pastels, and paint afterward. The image is built around the idea of several layers of ‘experience’, something I’ve done most of my life. This means that the image can take several sittings to accomplish due to the layers involved.

This entry does not document the date of first execution, which was roughly in April, with a final layer added in May of 2019. There are several versions of this image, as it is a monoprint from the Flexseal rubber printing plate. Perhaps the term monoprint should not apply since I work on several versions at once, but that I leave to you.