This is another of my favorites from the ‘rubber’ works I’ve made with Flexseal thus far, but only because it took so long. I experimented with the medium to actually get a feel for it. I wanted to see how best to use liquid rubber with a brush and my fingers (using gloves is a necessity of course). So this took some doing.

It was on this particular image that I began to glue other rubberized elements onto itself. I felt as though I had entered a sort of portal. And this was its door. I cannot remember much of the process of execution because I worked as though this was my last image, in a trance state.

It preceded my mother’s passing by about a week, and I did not glue the other parts until nearly a month after. So this work travels forward and backward in time for me. Its meaning is unknown of course. I try never to explain my works, as I feel each one has its own message for each person that views it. That would be you.