I refer to this theme of ladders very often it seems. I believe that when you let go of all reason and logic and simply accept life as it comes, at the moment, one does ascend up the rungs of one’s self. But this is my own interpretation of my own experiences. For you, they may be very different.

My brother, a painter in his own right, told me that this piece reminded him of some nuclear ending of the world, where everything was gone, and the last standing things were these ladders. I could not see this, but could agree that in a figurative sense, the painting seems ‘apocalyptic’.

But as I think about these concepts now in my mind, I think in even more simplistic terms. These are structures but of thoughts and patterns. The mind weaves its way through them when I work. Somehow, this snapshot shows more of them at play? I Don’t know. The answer, as it were, is not that important. What’s important is the journey. A journey was taken, and I returned from it. The proof is the painting. Wherever and whenever this is, I was there.