These two paintings were studies at first. I had just created my first Flexseal printing plates and cut up the posterboard I had sprayed it on to throw away. But I could not do it. Something about what I was seeing allowed me entry into another world. So I put the pieces on the floor and arranged them.

A neighbor walked by and remarked that this artwork was really good. He asked me, “Working on a new abstract piece? These are really good.” I guess the time had passed forward as I’d been working, and there were close to eight pieces on the floor, arranged in some geometric mess on the floor. But I loved what I saw.

When I was able to step back, I realized that this rubber material could really be used to create serious art as a medium, and not just as a rubber printing plate. The rubber itself had some sort of power. I felt it in my bones. I’d found another world to explore.